Benefits and Drawbacks of Shopify as an Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce platforms of today come jam-packed with an array of tools and designs. This can create confusions as to which platform would be suitable for your business. Shopify has been a name on the lips of several ecommerce store owners as it is the most plain sailing platform to build an online store on. Researching about Shopify can prove to be quite overwhelming! Especially, when there are so many positive and negative reviews about it. This article will give you some insights about how Shopify works and the benefits and pitfalls attached to it.

How Does Shopify Work?

Shopify is a hosted ecommerce platform which can be used to build a customized ecommerce store. To commence with it, you just have to pay a monthly fee and build your store thereafter. It provides you with multiple functionalities like organizing your products, accepting payments, tracking orders and customizing your store.

Don’t worry about installing anything as Shopify is a hosted platform and it has a dedicated team of developers who keep updating it at regular intervals.

Cost Considerations

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch! So when you decide come up with an estore for your business, ask yourself a question; “Will Shopify’s structure and 24/7 technical support fulfill the needs of my business?” If the answer to the above question is “Yes”, it is totally worth your investment. If you are looking for a free ecommerce platform, Shopify may not serve your needs. Shopify offers different plans ranging from $29 for the Basic and $299 for the advanced plan. However, if you choose a yearly plan, you might get a 10% discount on it.

If you already have a website and want to add some features like ‘buy’ buttons to it, you can choose the Lite plan which costs around $9/month. It can also help you to sell your products on social media platforms like Facebook. Before zeroing upon one of the plans, you can choose the 14 day trial period and see how it works for your business. If not, you can quit it.

Some of the benefits offered by Shopify

Launch your store easily

Shopify is the most effortless platform when you want to get your store up and running at the earliest. It is very user-friendly and you can move seamlessly around different functionalities. Its backend dashboard interface is extremely easy to operate.

Easy workflow

Handling tasks like tracking orders, carrying out transactions and managing inventory become as easy as a walk in the park through Shopify. You can find all the functionalities you ever asked for under the same umbrella making your workflow smooth.

Steer clear from development

This is the part loved by the business owners who do not have the knowledge of designing and development. Once you install Shopify, you can keep your worries about technical knowhow on the back burner. Just concentrate on developing your business and build your store by incorporating different modules from the available options.

Easy integration with your current website

You might already have a website that lacks some of the buying features. At such times, you can easily incorporate Shopify with your website. It will also help you to enhance the functionality of your store.

Secure and reliable

With Shopify as your ecommerce platform, you don’t have to worry about your store getting attacked by viruses and Trojans. As Shopify’s developers keep monitoring their networks from time to time, your troubles are sure to be taken care of.

Here are some of its drawbacks

Region specific functionalities

It has been observed that Shopify is biased towards its client base in UK and North America. Some of its features like language availability and payment methods are more convenient for the merchants belonging to the above mentioned regions. Although it is a very minor issue, it can create subtle problems for merchants belonging to other regions.

Payment processor charges

If you do not use Shopify’s in-house payment processor, you might have to pay a certain sum of fees. But as Shopify is integrated with more than 70 payment gateways, people rarely switch to other payment processors.

The template markup language

If you are not a developer, you might take a little time in learning Shopify’s template markup language known as ‘liquid’. It uses the combination of objects, filter and tags in order to load content. While building your store, the knowledge of Liquid can come handy. Once you do enough reading and research on it, it will be easy for you to work on.

Difficulty switching to other platforms

Switching from one store to another is always a problem. Although the content and product remain the same, the entire look, design and functionality of the platform change. When you decide to move from Shopify to another platform, you might have to build everything from the scratch.

Poor CMS

The content management system of Shopify doesn’t let the business owners publish rich content like blogs or vlogs. This can be a hindrance for the business owners who want to promote their products through content.

Shopify, undoubtedly is one of the most superior eCommerce site building platforms in the market. With a small investment amount at hand, you might be skeptical as to whether it is the right option. But you must also know that after some months, you can be making more money than you ever imagined. If you are not sure about setting up your store yourself and need professional help, you can hire our Shopify ecommerce store development services.


E-Commerce Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In 2017

The total number of worldwide internet users stands at 3.5 billion from which 40% have bought something online. This means there are more than approximately 1.4 billion customers worldwide who can be tapped by the e-commerce players in the market. There is no indication of any downtrend in these figures anytime soon. Last year, total retail e-commerce sales globally amounted to $22.049 trillion. It has been predicted that in the year 2020, sales will top $27 trillion.

All the trends in ecommerce marketing evolve out of the shopping habits of people, the products in demand and the ways in which new technology has been embraced by the consumers. It is very important to follow these trends as they define how you should conceptualize your brand and sustain in the market. The year 2017 is going to be all about engaging online shoppers with your brand via mobile and establish long lasting relationships with them.

Ecommerce marketers everywhere are trying their best to get ahead of each other by doing all they can to get their ecommerce store development right and then using all forms of marketing channels and techniques possible. They are using all the customers data they can get hold of, using the latest technology in interpreting data and tempering their conclusions from the data with the help of consumer behavior and ecommerce conversion optimization principles to come up with a concrete strategy to market their online stores and attract more customer.

This infographic takes a brief look at all the popular ecommerce marketing trends that we are sure to encounter in 2017 and which gives us an idea of what the future has in store for us.

Trends in e-commerce marketing to watch out for in 2017_3

How To Deliver Products At Your Customer’s Convenience

There are countless entrepreneurs, whose only aim is to have a business which allows them to live with a difference! eCommerce market tends to be amazingly booming to such aims. If you want to turn your online store into a huge business, then the only thing that one must think of is, start putting in the time and effort to uplift your online store.

eCommerce Stores With Certain Online Practices

eCommerce store owners specifically, big scale business owners find it tough to handle online orders from the back end. And that is why order delivery date tools have been introduced in the market to help streamline product orders management processes and save a lot of time and money of customers as well as store owners. Generally, such extension is found in Magento, developed with best programming practices and latest coding standards.

Online tools make it convenient to handle delivery dates both for admin and customers. To boost sales conversion rates, it becomes necessary to manage delivery dates of orders so that, your customers feel relaxed and good about your online service. Delivery time slots, of course a great pick when it comes to offering flexible or seasonal shipping.

However, with order deliveries, many things are attached to help buyers and keep them happy. Using such extensions, online store owners can make a remarkable shopping experience and checkout process! This plays an important role. Defining delivery times can make your buyers amazed and contended. To provide your buyers particular delivery certainty, can make them satisfied too.

Smart Gains From On-time Order Deliveries

With the help of Delivery Scheduler, your visitors can specify delivery time and days when they would like to receive the orders. Store owners can exclude particular days of delivery, time intervals with date! Moreover, delivery intervals can easily be set with minimal and maximal intervals, this can be shown to buyers.

Merchants can allow their customers to choose delivery time easily by sophisticated delivery dates. They can provide flexible delivery time options, effective management of number of orders per slot, delay time to deliveries and more. Thus, multiple delivery options are the most optimal for all customers these days. Customer services can be improved with convenient options.

Businesses Get Succeeded With Potential Strategies, Know Why!

The words Digital Era are discovered everywhere and it continues to stay ahead, especially the technology solutions which are advancing to help businesses at every phase. For any business, the primary focus is thrown on the strategic elements. Since this new era is all about digital transformation, we see a lot of businesses trailing towards with effective business analysis, faster operational solutions and much more.

There are umpteen of dramatic changes brought to enterprise business strategy services, which must be considered as the strongest weapons to make your business Digitized! For that, it is important to explore key areas such as generating revenue, boosting business relationships with stakeholders, identifying business opportunities and retaining customers with smart strategical things.

Effective business strategy & analysis cater insights beyond the futuristic business environment. Strategies which can be implemented would help define the “end goal” of business and take business owners to a realistic path with a clear framework. To understand the potential results of business analysis and strategy, business must allocate a great time to explore suitable yet helpful strategies with various business models.

If your business margins are shrinking then it is a high time to start off with a competent business model. It would help have competitive business benefits with a sustainable growth and innovation. To become more precise here, let’s not forget to divide the models or strategies term wise; it can be short term and long term. Successful businesses contain a very creative approach to carry out different offerings based on futuristic business strategy and model.

Questions Asked Before Picking Any Business Strategy
  • How can I move forward with existing products and create high value additions with new strategy?
  • How can my business value be captured with new ways and differentiate the offerings?
  • What are the most viable solutions created with a great customer value, more importantly with competition?
  • How can a new model or strategy be utilized for better ROI and profit?

Diverse components are linked to a successful innovation; without a powerful strategy to integrate and align businesses becomes worse or blunted!

What Are The Successful Ways To Have Web Applications Design Solutions?

What do we call successfully designed apps? This mystery can be unfolded here in this blog by knowing different steps. As per the recent study, there are 4 key parameters to consider; then comes the functional elements which should be implemented to make an application rule the world.

So, delivering advanced apps, is what exactly done by a good web apps design company. To introduce enterprise Web apps design solutions, always ensure you have followed below ways to make apps flourishing.

    • Project Vision:

Discuss and understand the projects as per the enterprise needs, preferences and objectives. If you have documented these things then frame budget and time of apps to be created.

    • Technology Consultation:

Do you posses any references of technology stack? Would you be able to show what exactly you want in your web application? If the answer is no then, you must get the consultation for choosing the right technologies and then move forward for app design process.

    • App Architecture & Prototyping:

In business analysis, design flow has to be created with latest and scalable architecture with high performance, functionalities and extensibility.

    • UI With Quality Assurance:

Pay a lot of attention to User Interface & Experience designed with comprehensive prototyping and usages. Also focus on quality of apps as per the testing processes and advanced testing tools.

    • Apps Design Execution:

To deliver qualitative end-to-end apps design, ensure the apps are controlled better with great visibility. Thereafter, ensure final pre launch testing is done appropriate in a suitable environment.

To initiate with enterprise application design, it might be easier than you think! Just little more advanced ways as described above are highly required!

Best CRM System Features Of 2016, Businesses Must Know

CRM – Customer Relationship Management systems simplify business operations for a number of years and allow businesses to give their consumers the best possible service while forming a successful company! The modern workplace with CRM system will certainly have a better tomorrow with an increasing amount of customers and revenue.

There have been numerous Customer Relationship Management Systems prominently ruling today’s market. Such systems have been a great helping hand for maximizing the business era and bringing technological innovations! A successful CRM is all about measuring the right relationship dimension, not as a choice but as a Differentiator! In 2016, if your competitors have integrated to sustain in this competitive world, then it is your turn to turn up with enterprise CRM systems.

As per the latest research on CRM features of 2016, there are a few updates which can help reinforce existing CRM systems. Four primary aspects enhanced are, Productivity, Mobility, Intelligence and Unified Service.

These are the most likely improvements in CRM features to have handful of benefits.

  •  More Robust Search:

Discover more improved search functions provided to make search results apt and powerful! The more search options are given, it becomes easier for users to search desired products.

  • Quicker Performance:

A lot of time is saved! Also, save money with its faster performance. The new release of CRM is likely to be much faster than the current one. Considerably, one will notice a faster page loading and response time!

  • Versatile Mobility:

Today, everything you need should be on “Mobile”! So, here it is. Luckily, there are going to be mobile friendly features and specifications, compatible with different devices to provide a greater quality.

In any CRM solution, there is not any typical CRM system or solution. CRM systems can be diverse, so the features. It is wise to explore various systems with updated versions and measure features as per your business needs. The best choice depends on you! Only thing is to avail with the latest feature set released in 2016!